A.M.Zabelin, G.U.Mikylshin.

Process of finishing and replacement of technological channels of heat-generating installations of a channel type kernel reactors.

The invention falls into laser processing and can be used in atomic engineering. Substance of the invention: the process of replacement and finishing of technological channels of the heat-generating installations of a channel type kernel reactors consists of, that the worked out technological channel in sequence is cut off from the upper slab of reactor, transfer to a finishing band, where takes place its finishing in waste. with low and greater radiation After that transfer the new technological channel to a band of a reactor, erect it in a pot of the inferior slab, and further realize it welding on the upper slab. Operations of cutting off of the technological channel, its finishing, and also welding on of the new channel to the upper slab of a reactor realize within the channel with the help of a laser beam. It allows considerably to reduce quantity of used equipment, practically to eliminate hand-operated work, to save of a radioactive dust. Besides that, finishing of the technological channel allows to receive waste, storage of which requires much less than place. Thus sharply reduce volume of radioactive waste storehouses and, accordingly, volume of the investments.