A.M.Zabelin, A.N.Safonov, V.O.Alexsandrov.

Electrodischarge board of laser with cross gas pumping.

Electronic board of laser with cross gas pumping consists of laminated cathodes, fixed in from electrical- and heat-conducting material, which are fixed by cylindrical surfaces on cooled metal tubes, while the backlashes between tubes and surface of clamps are completed with a heat-conducting material. In cathode sets the clamps are separated by thermostable dielectric insulators coated by cylindrical holes to cooled tubes. Cathode sets are parted by from dielectric material. The backlashes between continuous spacers and composite clamps are filled with shapes from thermostable dielectric, closing all surface of the board on the side of gas-discharge cabinet except a surface of cathodes. The cooled tubes of cathode sets are connected geometrically with collectors having nipples of input and output of cooling water.