V.O.Alexsandrov, V.A.Galkin, A.M.Zabelin, A.V.Korotchenko,A.N.Safonov,V.N.Chernous.

Gas-discharge cabinet of the fast-flow laser.

The proposed invention falls into field of laser technique. Problems of this engineering solution are simplification of device construction and increase of efficiency. Delivered problems are realized because of that on a course of a gas stream the housing of gas-discharge cabinet is parted into two parts: forward, with electrodes of preionization , and back, with basic electrodes, in which walls with cathode board and anode slab separate under a small corner, the preionization electrodes are located in plane, forming a corner 30-450 with a surface of a housing forward part. The anode slab can consist of the box shapes, through which transits a part of a gas stream, and which can have holes for gas passing, and these shapes can be located with small backlashs. The interior surface of box shapes is coated with a stratum of a catalytic regenerator of gas mix.